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Meet the ASA

We're here to ensure that you can make the most of your McGill experience. Like you, we're passionate about anthropology.

President (she/her)

Kimberly Nicholson

The President is responsible for the overseeing and managing of the ASA executive team, coordinating and leading ASA meetings, and guiding the executive team towards their goals and staying informed of the team’s endeavours. Please contact me about any ASA-related questions or anything about being a student in general!

Anthropology and IDS double major, German language and indigenous studies minors (U3, final year)

President (she/her)

Safianna O'Malley

VP Internal (she/her)

The VP Internal is responsible for acting as liaison between the Faculty and the Anthropology student body. The VP Internal is required to attend Department meetings with the professors once a month and lead meetings for the ASA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC). Please reach out with any Anthropology program-related questions or concerns regarding equity, diversity and inclusivity in Anthropology at McGill. 

Anthropology honours, Persian language miinor (U2)

Raihaana Adira

VP External (she/her)

Double major in anthropology and international development (U2)

As the VP External, my job is to liaise between the AUS, the ASA and anthropology students to ensure these three entities' intersts are adequately represented! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by email or @hanna.adira on Instagram!

Gina Cassellius

VP Finance (she/her)

The VP Finance is responsible for overlooking the budget of the ASA and coordinating with other execs to manage our finances. My goal is to allow the ASA to make the most out of our budget and take advantage of financial opportunities. Contact me with financial related inquiries.

Honours anthropology major, IDS minor (U2)

Karonhianoron Dallas Canady

Co-VP Publications (he/him)

The VP Publications is responsible for overseeing the journal and its editors. Hit me up if you want something published!

Anthropology major, history and indigenous studies minors (U4)

Ayla Shanks

Co-VP Publications (she/her)

The VP Publications is responsible for the publication of the journal. I am so excited  to be working on Fields|Terrains this year; please feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions or thoughts concerning the anthropology journal!

Anthropology major, history minor (U3)

Beatrix Harvie

Co-VP Events (she/her)

Double majoring in anthropology and art history, communications studies minor  (U3)

The VP Events is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing the anthropology undergraduate student body’s social, academic/professional, and fundraising events.

Please contact me or Zainab for anything regarding anthropology’s undergraduate student events. We always welcome your ideas, requests, questions and comments!

Zainab Khatun

Co-VP Events (she/her)

The VP Events is responsible for organizing events from start to finish. We book venues, catering and everything that comes along. To make our vision a reality, we work closely with our VP Finance, VP Creative and VP Communications. I can't wait to bring our community together through various activities and events!

Anthropology major, undeclared minor (U2)

Madelyn West

VP Communications (she/her)

The VP Communications is responsible for facilitating communication between the student body and the ASA. I hope to act as a link between your ideas and the greater McGill anthropology community. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or any ASA social media outlets for information regarding departmental events and opportunities, and with any questions you may have.

Joint honours Anthropology and geography (U3)

Kai Turanski

VP Creative (they/them)

The VP Creative is in charge of designing and producing artistic publications for the ASA. This work is mainly aimed at promoting events, creating a cohesive style for our social media, and adding some sparkle to communications from the ASA. Feel free to email me regarding anything related to the ASA's art and style, I'm always interested in hearing feedback and suggestions!

Anthropology and computer science double major (U3)

Ella Siciliano

VP Webmaster (she/her)

The VP Webmaster is responsible for updating and designing the website. Please contact me about anything you would like posted or advertised. I am always open to suggestions.  

Anthropology major, history minor (U3)

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