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Past Events


March 18, 2021 

Grad Talk 

Join us for our grad panel tonight at 6pm! Inquire about all things post-grad!!

Check out event page for Zoom details! Starts at 6pm


October 27, 2020 

Anthro Conversations

Join us online and discuss anything your anthropological heart beats for!!!!

Check out event page for Zoom details! 6-8pm


April 2, 2020 

General Assembly 7pm EST

Last formal event for the ASA this semester. A time to ask questions, hear about open exec positions, and have some laughs to cap off an awesome year.

Check out event page for Zoom details! 


February 11, 2020 

TA Tuesday 

Toxic Desires and Dangerous Tastes: An Archeology of Ceramic Induced Lead Poising

5:30-6:30 Peterson Hall 116 


January 20, 2020

Anthropology Speaker Series

Talk and film screening by Professor Deborah Thomas (University of Pennsylvania)

Talk: 12-30-2:30 

Screening 5:30

Peel 3475 Room 101


November 26, 2019

TA Tuesday 

Our last TA Tuesday of 2019 everyone!!! Come out and hear from Katie Kotar about her archaeological research in the Canadian arctic!

5:30-6:30 Thompson House 430


October 29, 2019

TA Tuesday 

This week we have a presentation from Lisa Rail on her work in Kyrgyzstan! Tea and cookies will be served as always

5:30-6:30 Thompson House 430


February 9, 2021 

Games Night 

Come hangout and play some games with us!

Check out event page for Zoom details! Starts at 6pm


October 13, 2020 

Anthro Conversations

The first of many zoom tea parties! Join us online and discuss anything your anthropological heart beats for!!!!

Check out event page for Zoom details! 6-8pm


March 10, 2020 

TA Tuesday 

An Anthropology of Climate Change: Studying up, Social movements, Science and Technology  

5:30-6:30 Peterson Hall 116 


January 28, 2020

TA Tuesday 

Reimagining Agency in the Addicted Subject 

5:30-6:30 Peterson Hall 116 


January 13, 2020

Anthropology Speaker Series

Professor Samuel Veissière will deliver a lecture entitled: Thinking Through Other Minds: A Variational Approach to Cognition and Culture.

12:30-2:30 Peterson Hall 116


November 7, 2019

TA Tuesday 

the ASA is super pleased to welcome Rine Veith! Rine's research focuses on asylum seekers and immigration in the UK. 

5:30-6:30 Thompson House 430


October 24, 2019

Honours Thesis Talk 

This Thursday, come hear about the research that your peers are conducting and see some anthropology in action. Our four presenters will be talking about their honors theses - It's a perfect opportunity to congratulate them on all their hard work and get a dose of inspiration for anyone considering honors!

6pm-8pm Leacock 109 


November 10, 2020 

Anthro Conversations

Join us again for more anthro chats!!

Check out event page for Zoom details! 6-8pm


September 18, 2020 

Welcome Back Event 6pm 

Drop in on Zoom to get to know your ASA execs,(Re)connect with anth students, and check out our new website!

Check out event page for Zoom details! 


February 25, 2020

TA Tuesday 

The Conservation Imperative: Women In Governance and Social Entrepreneurship 

5:30-6:30 Peterson Hall 116 


January 22, 2020

Welcome Back Samosa Party

Kick off the start of another semester with us and some now elusive samosas! 

       6pm-9pm Arts 160 


December 3, 2019 

ASA End of Semester Bash

We made it!!! It's hard to believe, but the end of the semester is upon us and we are ready to celebrate. Join us for some food and wine, congratulate to some of our graduating anthropologists, and catch up with some fellow classmates.

6pm-8pm Arts 160 


November 5, 2019

Indiana Jones Movie Night

Treats, Harrison Ford, and highly inaccurate archaeological content all in one! Take a break and come watch the og Indiana Jones movie

6pm-9pm Leacock 232


October 17, 2019

ASA Entering McGill Info

Hey all you U0 or U1 students! The ASA is hosting an info session just for you. Come learn about the anthropology department, how to plan out your major and degree in general, and the resources at your disposal as an Arts undergraduate student!

5:30-6:30 Leacock 738

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